LeSean McCoy Wants To Party With You If You’re Beautiful And Will Sign An NDA

It’s no secret that women are the secret sauce of any popping party. Without them, especially the “beautiful ones,” it will be hard for the night to be considered a success.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy apparently recognizes this fact. Earlier today McCoy posted a flyer for a party he’s having in Philadelphia this weekend. It’s become quite common to require women to submit a photo -along with their social media info- before being approved to attend.

Taking it one step further, McCoy also requires signing a non-disclosure agreement upon arrival.
I’ve attended parties where I’ve had to submit a photo and sign an NDA. Usually you have to take a photo with the NDA. One in particular I attended stated that there was no social media posting allowed. You weren’t allowed to discuss the details of the evening once you left. If you leaked any of the information, and it was traced back to you, the host could sue you for damages and an amount up to $25,000. What I can tell you is what didn’t happen; sex orgies or over the top drug use.

I asked the host why the NDA, he said it was so his guests could enjoy an evening without cells in their faces documenting their every move.

This is the reply you get after you send an RSVP for LeSean’s event.

Thank Your for Your RSVP to LeSean Mccoy’s Private Extravaganza Taking place on Sunday Evening July 26th 2015! Below are the Following Requirements to Be Confirmed for the Event. 

1. Please Submit Full name (As seen on ID) 21+ is a MUST *ID’s Will be CHECKED for Admission

2. Please Submit 1 Picture AND Provide Social Media information I.E. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

3. Upon Entry Patrons will be asked for ID’s and to Sign Confidentiality agreement.

4. There are NO PLUS 1’s Everyone MUST individually RSVP to event

5. Upon confirmation Email you will receive Pick up/ Drop off Location and Attire.

I can only imagine what type of foolishness is going down on Sunday. Here’s a look at LeSean last weekend in Vegas.


Pool party turnt …. @varb__ or @porter_tj I need some help lol

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The Vegas turn up ….

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LeSean deleted the flyer off of his Instagram at the Bills request because of the team logo on it:

The Buffalo Bills statement via ESPN

We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team,