NBA Season is HERE!!!!

It’s finally here! The kick off to the 2009- 2010 NBA season! Tonight the Lakers will raise yet another championship banner and be presented with their rings. I’m SOOO very excited about that but it’s a new season now, we’re reloaded and ready to begin our quest to a repeat title.

So as we celebrate the start of the season, I’d like to present my top 5 picks in each conference (in no particular order) plus some teams I feel worth watching for entertainment purposes only.


1. The Lakers, nothing else needs to be said, if you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know my love for the Lakers and why I love them. Plus they’re The Champs!!

2. The Denver Nuggets. I actually LOVE the Thuggets (I picked that up from someone on twitter, nothing wrong with a little thug love in hoops) The Nuggets are a big threat. Carmelo can score at will; Chauncey at point guard gives them a steady distributor. They have a nice bench and weapons like JR Smith & Kenyon Martin. What’s not to love?

3. The San Antonio Spurs. For some reason, I don’t like the Spurs. I feel like they’re a boring team to watch but you simply cannot overlook Tim Duncan’s skill set, a Healthy Manu and Tony Parkers’s speed. They’re not ready to slip away quietly.

4. The Utah Jazz. Deron Williams, Boozer, they’ll be their usual middle of the pack selves. I’m indifferent about the Jazz. Another team I really have no interest in watching but I respect talent so there you go.

5. This is going to shock some, I see the Portland Trailblazers as a top 5 team in the west. They’re a young squad that’s been together for awhile, I think Andre Miller can be a steady back up at point guard. Great pieces. A few heartbreaks, they’re READY.
I’m not sure who the last 3 slots will go to, logic says, Houston, Dallas & The Hornets but I honestly feel the Clippers have a chance to sneak in at the 8th spot although the news that we’ve Lost Blake Griffin for 6 to 8 weeks makes me wonder if the Clipper curse is back just in time for Halloween.

Not sure what’s going on with the Hornets right now. Chris Paul is obviously amazing but something is still missing.


1. The Boston Celtics. As a Laker fan, I’m programmed to HATE the Celtics but I have an affinity for their squad and how they came together, put egos aside and WON. Paul Pierce is from where??? INGLEWOOD so you already know how that makes me feel. KG’s passion, Ray Allen’s stroke and Rasheed Wallace’s intensity, I like their team so I will cheer for them as long as they aren’t playing the Lakers or Clippers.

2. The Cleveland Cavaliers. Let me be clear in saying I don’t think the Shaq/LeBron paring is going to work. Having said that, LeBron is THE KING so there’s no way he’ll let them slip out of the top 5. But this won’t be the year Bron gets his ring and Shaq gets his 5th.

3. The Orlando Magic. I have to be honest, I’m iffy on them. I know they went 8-0 in preseason but I can’t help but feel like the addition of Vince Carter was a mistake. Regardless, they’re still top 3 in the east.

After the top 3, the drop off for me is sort of interchangeable depending on random variables:

The Hawks & Heat make the most sense at 4 and 5. I’m not really sure WHAT is going on in Detroit and Chicago (I don’t think they know for sure either). The Wizards continue to have injury issues (this time it’s Antwan Jamison who will start the season in a suit) Eh, I guess I’ll have a better point of view once I’m able to catch a few games.

There you have it, Jill’s Semi predictions. I guess we’ll be referring back to this post often to see if my thoughts come to fruition. Guess what NFL, DADDY’S HOME!!! ::POW::