NBA Draft Prospect Isaiah Austin Diagnosed With Career Ending Genetic Disorder


Sunday it was announced that one NBA prospect’s dreams of going to the league and come to an abrupt end. Baylor’s Isaiah Austin will be forced into medical retirement from playing competitive basketball. During normal pre-draft procedures, Austin went through a series of medical tests and it was discovered that he’s suffering from a genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome, which develops problems in connective tissues throughout the body.

Marfan syndrome affects one in 5,000 people and in the worst case scenarios can be life-threatening. The Baylor center was a projected second round pick for Thursday’s draft.

“They said I wouldn’t be able to play basketball anymore at a competitive level,” Austin told ESPN’s Holly Rowe. “They found the gene in my blood sample. They told me that my arteries in my heart are enlarged and that if I overwork myself and push too hard that my heart could rupture. The draft is four days away, and I had a dream that my name was going to be called.”

Austin was already an inspirational story, having revealed during his sophomore season that he was blind in the right eye because of a detached retina suffered as a teenager. He was on the verge of becoming the first partially blind player ever to play in the NBA.

he posted the following message on his Instagram.


This game. It is a platform for anyone and everyone who comes in contact with it. I was blessed enough to play it on one of the highest levels despite the odds that were stacked against me. Blessed is all I can say. Thankful is all I can be. The love from you all is greatly appreciated! I know God has a plan! If I can say one to to anyone, it would be please, please do not take the privilege of playing sports or anything for granted. #NewBeginnings

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has reportedly extended Isiah an invite to the draft on Thursday.


photo via Instagram