Savannah James Sets Off Speculation About LeBron’s Potential Free Agent Status [Photo]


Now that we are back on temporary LeBron Watch 2014, people are looking for signs everywhere to get an indication as to what King James plans to do this summer. Will he continue on with the Miami Heat? Or does LeBron plan to pack up his show and take it elsewhere, blazing a completely new trail in the NBA by collecting rings at various stops in the NBA?

His wife Savannah probably inadvertently fanned the flames with her Instagram post Sunday. Savannah posted a photo of a map with a star on their hometown of Akron and the comment saying “the countdown is real.”


My thought is the countdown to the couple’s new daughter being born. I’m told Savannah is due in late July, early August. She had both of their two sons in Akron so I’m sure she wants the same for her daughter. But some fans are concerned it’s really a hint as to LeBron’s future plans.

Bron has to let the Heat know in a few days if he plans on opting out – as does DWade and Chris Bosh. Some believe DWade will opt out and take less money to help the Heat reload talent. I’m not as confident as those people but answers are on the horizon!.