Weekly Rewind: Felon Bae Gets The Ladies Going


Last week the internet went nuts over “Felon Bae” Jeremy Meeks. Meeks is a six-time convicted felon located in Northern, California whose mugshot was posted on the Stockton police department Facebook page and sent some ladies into a tizzy with his piercing blue eyes and bad boy looks.

Meet Jeremy Meeks. He’s a 30-year-old felon who was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, Calif., according to Stockton police.

He’s also arguably the most popular suspect to grace the Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

Meeks’ police mugshot generated 10,914 likes and 2,400 comments from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, many from women claiming to admire his looks.

“Hottttttt,” Melissa Stiles wrote.

“Omg come to mama,” Nicole Seba Lorena Elena commented.

“Holy [heck] i would arrest him too..hottest bad boy I’ve seen,” Ellie Abbey wrote.

“He can kidnap me anyday… Hold me against my will lol,” Jessica Gutierrez commented.

“Why is he breaking the law when he should be making millions modeling! Wowzas,” Tanya H. Thomas said.

Look, I understand how you can remove someone’s situation and just make a purely physical assessment of his looks. But, being completely honest with you, if someone says FELON to me, that’s going to cause my naughty bits to dry up instantly.

Sorry kids, I’m not the “ride or die” chick. While I don’t believe all crime deserves the same reaction, I’m going to want some questions answered before I agree to become “Bonnie” to your “Clyde.”

Look how expensive a life of crime is. Felon bae’s bail was $900,000 and he’s not even a kingpin.

The 30-year-old was charged in 2002 with robbery and corporal injury to a child. He allegedly jumped a 16-year-old and beat him to a pulp. Meeks copped a plea and was sentenced to 2 years in a California prison.

According to docs, Meeks admitted during the case he was affiliated with a criminal street gang, which is a felony in California. The docs say he was a Northside Gangster Crip.

Meeks served his time and moved to the Spokane area of Washington, and in 2007, he was charged with identity theft and resisting arrest. According to legal docs … he was in a sporting goods store and tried to steel a package of pellets and when security guards saw him, Meeks screamed, “I’ll f*** you all up.” The guards peppered sprayed Meeks into submission. He was convicted and served time.

Side note, he’s married with a child and his nudes leaked too. That’s clearly NSFW or tender eyes.

You know what was interesting, watching all the men get upset that women found him attractive. They climbed directly in their feelings and shot back with, “this is what’s wrong with women. They’d rather have a thug or a criminal than a hard working man.” That’s not it guys, its just lust. The same way men lust over hoes and THOTS (that ho over there – remember we learned that term a few months ago) women like to look at pretty things too.