Lebron James says Spurs Danny Green wasn’t “partying” with the Heat in the club


LeBron James has come to the rescue of one of his former teammates and recent on-court foe, Spurs Danny Green. Green made headlines following the Miami Heat’s game 7 win of the NBA Finals. Green said he just happened to end up at Story nightclub, the same spot where the Miami Heat were celebrating their victory over Green’s Spurs. A camera caught the two having a moment but, LeBron wants you to know that’s all it was.


Here’s the thing, I think most people figured it was something like that BUT, my question is. There were obviously news cameras outside of the club as there’s footage of various members of the Heat, head coach Erik Spolestra and more entering the club. How is it that Green didn’t know before he walked inside? Doorman didn’t tip him off? His friends didn’t say anything?

He couldn’t have text King James?

Green wasn’t the only NBA player in the building that wasn’t a member of the Miami Heat. Cavs Tristian Thompson was in the building too. But they share the same agent, LeBron’s childhood friend, Rich Paul.


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