Adrien Broner tells Paulie Malignaggi “I took your belt and your girl” [video]


One thing I have always shared about jocks, they love a referral. That can be applied to several topics but for the purpose of this conversation, I’m talking about women. Let’s take the example of boxer Adrien Broner. “The Problem” as he is known beat Paulie Malignaggi at Barclays Center Saturday night. In his postgame interview, Broner bragged that not only did he take Paulie’s belt, he also took his side piece.

 Ummmmm “don’t brag about taking my side piece,” HA. I mean… that’s a lot for a post fight interview.

Broner actually used the stolen sidechick to mess with Malignaggi before the fight. During a press conference in May, Broner claimed the sidechick was at his hotel after an altercation with Malignaggi and then proceeded call her and put her on speakerphone. Adrien even brought her to last Thursday’s press conference.

Her name is Jessica Corazon… She doesn’t belong to Paulie or Adrien, she’s belongs to the game…