Kevin Durant tells Dwight Howard “you’re a pu**y”


Seems as if Kobe Bryant isn’t the only who thinks Dwight Howard has a little bit of b**ch in him. Kevin Durant is sidelined with a foot injury, and was out when his Oklahoma City Thunder played Howard’s Houston Rockets.

Durant has no love for Dwight, and reportedly yelled “You’re a pu$$y” at him through out the game.

Rockets win 69-65. YES, that’s a real NBA game score in 2014. Rockets still unbeaten on the road. To be fair, the Thunder are also without All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook. James Harden scored 19 in the win.


Kobe is somewhere thinking, “I told you.” So is Dwight’s oldest son’s mother, Royce Reed. The two are engaged in another custody battle.

video via NBA

photo via Instagram