Ex-NBA star Joe Smith claims ‘Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’ star got him for $100K


There are two rules of engagement that I frequently share with you regarding professional athletes and women. 1. They love a referral. Regardless as to what logic or any of these relationship gurus may tell you, professional athletes do enjoy the company of women who were previously with other athletes and/or famous men. 2. Athletes love reality show stars.

In case you needed another example of this. Former number 1 NBA draft pick Joe Smith is claiming his ex-girlfriend, Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood‘s Monice Slaughter stole $100K from him. The two linked up a few years back during Joe’s stint with the Lakers.

According to a report filed with the Manhattan Beach Police Department, Smith claims that between October 2011 and March 2012, nine checks were written from his checkbook to a Timothy Clayton Carr … totaling $109,000.

Smith told police he did not write the checks and does not know a man by that name.

In June 2012, police were able to get a hold of Carr, who told them he was a friend of Slaughter and that he was cashing the checks for her as a favor because she didn’t have a bank account. Carr told cops he was unaware the checks were stolen or that anything was wrong until Smith canceled the last check.

Carr also told police Slaughter had agreed to pay him back for the canceled check, but it when it came time to meet up … she disappeared. 

But Slaughter told police an entirely different story. According to the report, Slaughter claims Smith knew all about the checks and signed them personally. She claims Smith only canceled the last check because the pair broke up. 

Currently Smith is an aspiring rapper who goes by the name, “Joe Beast”

Monice has a son with former B2K member Fizz. On the current season of LHHH, Monice is always fly but doesn’t have a place to live or custody of their son. In a recent episode, she snatched up Fizz’s current girlfriend Amanda, who is allegedly cheating with a guy from the Oakland Raiders.

Fizz knows how to pick them.


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