Kobe Bryant scored 44 in Lakers loss to Golden State Warriors [Video]


Let me give you the latest Kobe watch update. Cause clearly nobody is watching the Lakers’ games to actually WATCH the Lakers. ::sad face::

Kobe went for 44 points in three quarters Sunday night against the Golden State Warriors. This game follows his poor showing against the Spurs on Friday night.

Shaq was courtside to watch the Lakers get dropped 136-115. he and Kobe shared a hug before tipoff.

For everyone who thinks Kobe is loving life right now shooting as much as he’d like, you’re wrong.

“I’d rather not have to do that, but you can’t just sit back and watch a crime happen in front of you,” he said. “I’m more than willing to sit back. If you think I want to shoot as many times or be as aggressive at 36 years old, you’re freaking crazy.”


video via NBA