Friday Night Arena Lights- ESPN Friday night hoops Jill’s remix

I hate ESPN’s coverage of the NBA. HATE IT! It’s dry and monotone and even though they have respected analyst, there’s just something about it that doesn’t excite me. but, I love this game so I WATCH!

– Last night during the Bulls vs. Cavs game, with the Cavs decidedly ahead, LeBron thought it would be the perfect opportunity to display his version of JERKIN.

Well, not really but he was being a little rude, too bad the Bulls’ Joakim Noah didn’t share his same enthusiasm. Stay Classy Lebron…

The next game up was The Heat vs. The Lakers. This game was FANTASTIC! The Heat almost pulled off but then this happened with 4 seconds left on the clock:

to be fair, Derek’s Fisher’s 3 and a a miss by Dwyane Wade at the freethow line set up this dramatic finish but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW. Kobe called it the luckiest shot he’s ever made. I think JA Adande summed up my feelings nicely in his piece HERE

– Lamar Odom was ejected after his 2nd tech. Jermaine O’Neal & he almost came to blows. After a JO dunk it appears that he was attempting to get Lamar into the holiday spirit by decorating him with Chest “nuts”… actually maybe Chin “nuts” is more appropiate but no matter, Lamar didn’t appreciate it

– Earlier during the broadcast of the game, former Pro Mark Jackson whose now an ESPN analyst stated he felt Dwyane Wade was the 3rd best shoot guard to EVER play. Let’s let that digest for a minute, EVER!! Just thought it was worth a mention.

– My final note, Jeff Van Gundy is my favorite ESPN analyst! My affinity for him started back in the 90’s when he grabbed a hold of ALonzo Mourning’s leg in that infamous Knicks vs. Heat playoff series. He makes me laugh! But I throughly disagree with him when he said that the league should take action against Ron Artest for his recent comments. That’s silly but all was forgiven because he knew the that Jamie Foxx sang “Blame It” and could recite the lyrics too!