Dwyane Wade says fatigue was a factor in Heat’s loss to Spurs in Game 1 of NBA Finals


The Miami Heat went down to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs were well rested after sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies while the Heat went down to the wire with a game 7 win over the Indiana Pacers. Following the Heat’s loss, Dwyane Wade stated that it was fatigue that led to their loss Thursday night.

“Obviously I thought thatwe were a little fatigued, honestly, in the fourth quarter, looking around,” Wade said after Game 1. “We looked like a team that came off a seven‑game series. I thought we got some shots we wanted. But we were a little careless at times as well. We turned it over.

“Like you said, we did a great job all game. I think we only had three (turnovers) up to that point. But having five (turnovers) in the fourth quarter isn’t going to win you a game, especially not in the Finals. We’ll be better prepared next time and hopefully make better decisions in the fourth quarter.”

Perhaps it had something to do with the boxing training Lebron and DWade got into on Wednesday. Lebron also was being more of a facilitator – perhaps DWade’s earlier comments about playing “team” ball were still on his mind- but what was needed was for King James to take over. Lebron had a triple-double but where was Chris Bosh?