“Basketball Wives LA” Draya addresses haters and faulty parenting rumors on ‘106th & Park’ [video]


Basketball Wives LA breakout star Draya Michelle is looking to expand her reach outside of reality TV. Draya appeared on BET’s “106th & Park” this week for a guest co-hosting gig with Bow Wow. In advance of Draya’s appearance, BET started an #AskDraya hashtag on Twitter so her fans and foes could submit questions for the “Fine A$$ Girl.” That idea quickly went left as people brought up Draya’s child abandonment situation involving her son.

Back in 2010, when Draya was a stripper in the Philly area, her son- who was 7-years old at the time- called 911 because he was home alone in the wee hours of the AM. The details alleged that Draya frequently left her son home alone in a dirty apartment littered with dog feces and underwear. That he made microwave dinners to feed himself and had to stand by the gate and wait for someone to pull into the complex in order to access his home. This was brought up on her first season of “Basketball Wives LA.” Draya has always maintained the charges weren’t true, but I remember her mom Tweeting her saying she should call home back when she was hanging out with Chris Brown…


Anyway, Draya addressed it during her 106th appearance.

Her response to people that criticize her parenting skills:
Well, the first thing is–of course, I don’t expect people to understand my life because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in anyway.
How she deals with haters:
Well, I got so many. I’m starting to think that they really don’t hate me. Haters are confused admirers. They really just love me. I just let them hate on their own….Well, I just feel like if you’re thinking about me, you’re still thinking about me.
I believe in second chances. I think everyone loves a comeback, but I think Draya is handling this wrong. Draya’s mom is taking care of her son and she (Draya) is moving them to LA this weekend. I can even submit that it may have been better for her son to have his grandmother take over. But please stop saying people are haters for not seeing eye-to-eye with you on this situation. What happened was terrible, I’m sure she’s grown from it but you can’t dismiss THAT particular incident as “haters.”

Check out her appearance, do you think she has what it takes to have a regular host?