Tony Parker hits last second shot to beat Miami Heat, Eva Longoria approves [video]


For the average basketball fan, the interest in the San Antonio Spurs is low to non-existent. The Spurs are considered an old, slow, boring team. With almost 10 days off since they swept the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals, many wondered if the Spurs would come out sluggish.

The Spurs dug in with their defense but, it was this last second shot by Tony Parker that sealed the Heat’s fate on their home court and uncovered a whole new segment of Tony Parker fans.


Even former lovers are shouting out the Spurs. Tony Parker’s ex-wife Eva Longoria was pom poming on Twitter following the Spurs win.


Miami lost the first game last season to the Thunder too. Spurs win Game 1, 92-88. Game two is Sunday back in Miami.

video via ProbasketballTalk