Clipper nation or how I learned to love a loser


Anybody that knows me will tell you that while I am a HUGE Laker fan, I have a big warm soft spot in my heart for the Clippers. :::Pause::: go ahead and laugh I know there isn’t a bunch of us out there but somebody has to root for the underdog too!

Growing up in L.A. I’ve become used to having 2 options for everything. 2 football teams (Raiders, Rams) growing up (ironic that now we have none), 2 baseball teams (Dodgers, Angels) although, I was told the Angels don’t count cause they’re in the OC ::giggle::, 2 Hockey teams (Kings, Ducks) Hey the Mighty Ducks was a great movie and who didn’t have love for THE GREAT ONE- and of course the Lakers and Clippers.

Last night I went to the Clippers vs. Hornets game. Staples was sold out! The line for will call was down the block even after tip off. Must’ve been the Chris Paul factor. Maybe they aren’t used to large crowds because the arena has been pretty empty most of the season but I digress. The game was competitive. Clippers Rookie Eric Gordan is nice. I think BD can get back what he had going 2 years ago with the Warriors and Zach Randolph does damage in the paint (at least when he’s focused)

But that’s the thing with the Clippers. There’s always some random drama that seems to get in the way. That organization is in need of Positive leadership! Someone who can speak to Donald Sterling (the owner) in terms he understands yet is able to relate to the players. Oh and for the record, that man is NOT Zeke (Isiah Thomas). He sabotages entities like the 80’s crack epidemic!

I guess my love for the Clippers stems from the fact that potential lays the foundation for greatness. Well that and who doesn’t love the way Clipper Darrell represents in his red and blue suit! You haven’t truly been entertained until you watch this super fan battle dance other fans and crack on the opposing team during free throws. (Who are you? Ugly that’s who last night at Hilton Armstrong ahhh aha. Oh well it was funny in the heat of the moment) However the fashionista in me urges him to get a new suit and a fresh pair of ones! Dirty ones AIN’T IT. 🙂