So we danced.

Yeah, yeah we know. We got all fly’d up for the dance. Head to toe perfection. Sweet 16 to final four and now there are 2. Memphis State and UNC. One you probably assumed would be there, the other a Cinderella story to the tournament. Now it’s the part of the night when all you want to do is reflect about what happened the whole night. Relive every detail but you find yourself stuck on a topic that’s not really important to you but it should be.

Why is it so hard for women’s basketball to sustain excitement? Maybe that’s not the best wording, hmmm prolonged interest? Yeah that works, I watched some of the games today and those chicks go hard! But I felt bad that I wasn’t motivated enough to watch the entire game. They can shoot, I mean UCONN came out blasting… But I was over it.
What’s missing from the women’s game that they don’t get the same support, endorsements, you know the whole Super star kit? Is it just as simple as women’s hoops aren’t as exciting? Surely everyone can see Candace Parker is that bona fide Super Star. There’s a compelling story that’s coming with the Sparks this season with Lisa retiring, throwing Tina Thompson in the mix and Candace possibly returning mid season.
What type of star status would UConn’s Maya Moore look forward to should she choose to come out early for the draft. People say they want purity in the game, I think women’s sports are closer to that because the accolades and rewards aren’t anywhere close to that of men’s. It’s gotta be just for the love of the game. Hopefully that, plus skill is enough to keep us watching.
Ok so who ended up winning?