Tom Brady Filmed Commercial With 5 Rings Before Super Bowl LI Win

Last year Tom Brady appeared in his first local TV commercial for Shields MRI, the official MRI provider for the New England Patriots.  Brady also taped an alternate ending that was revealed Sunday night.

Before Super Bowl LI, Brady filmed himself with five championship rings even though he only had four at the time.  The ad also included a dig at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, whom Brady battled with over DeflateGate for a LONG time, resulting in Brady’s four-game suspension.

Last night the commercial became reality as Brady and the Patriots staged an incredible comeback, scoring 31 straight points to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 to win Super Bowl 51.

Goodell also had to hand Brady the MVP trophy.

Fans reveled in the thought that Brady had the arrogance to shoot the commercial way in advance and then made it come to fruition.

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