Richard Sherman was wearing a mic when Trent Williams mushed him [video]


Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman is a little cocky. That come along with talent. After Sunday’s win in a wildcard match up against the Redskins, Trent Williams mushed Sherman in the face. Turns out Sherman was wearing a mic so his running game commentary was captured.  So you tell me, did Sherman deserve a hand to the face or was he just being a competitive athlete?


I still say Williams was salty because he loss. Seems like standard bravado to me. You’re only sensitive if your team occupies the “L” side of the equation.


  • Peter

    You hit the nail on the head. Dude was pissed because they lost. Everyone talks trash on the field. Some more than others.

  • I honestly didn’t hear him say anything. I was expecting something crazy to come out of his mouth, cause Sherm is a big talker. But I swear I didn’t hear anything. There must have been something b4 the game or during the game… that carried over. Damn, Trent. Can’t defend you on this one at all.

  • Seth

    Looks to me like he respected the players who deserved respecting.

  • GB

    I’m a skins fan and I say if they wanted to shut him up they should have won.

  • anthony magda

    Mr Williams is a big man, walking up on a guy who he outweighs by at least 100 pounds and has his helmet off and in his hands, while his is on with the buckle straped! No he was’nt looking for trouble, sorry not buying it… If that were the case why the unsoliceted appology… Not that he hurt Mr. Sherman, it is the horrible example it shows! I know Mr. Sherman runs his mouth, and it is not a good example for kids either! Well as annoying as it may seem, the man backs up his talk, and violence, not trash talking is tearing this country apart, how about a nice $50,000 fine and a four game suspension to start the 2013 season! Go SHERM, and GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • anthony magda

    GB, right on man! You have no idea how scared I. Was that all Redskins fans wore skirts! Great Team, Great Season! I wish your TEAM, and YOU GB the best of luck next season and beyond, and RG is in my thoughts and prayers, he will be back with a vengance, right on my FOOTBALL FAN BROTHER, YOU MUST HAVE PLAYED THE GAME, BECAUSE WE WERE ALWAYS TOLD WHAT? WIN OR GO HOME (with your head held high) WELL GB YOU SHOULD HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH, VERY CLASSY, BEST OF LUCK, ONE OF THE 12th MEN!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • anthony magda

    Exactly R-MAN, I think he told RGIII how much he admired and respected him! Big ole Mr. Williams was looking for an easy target! A smaller guy with his helmet off (notice his was on and buckled up) and in his hand. We here in Seattle know Sherm talks trash, we also know he can back it up! So is it even trash if it is true? Is’nt there a saying? I remember! The truth hurts! I am amazed at all these skins fans crying more then my two year old. How gosh darn pitiful! Well R-MAN let’s just roll with it! See Y’ALL in NEW ORLEANS! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • anthony magda

    Know what, just saw the entire video, Sherm is no dummy, obviously he went to Stanford, getting his masters actually. Anyway all of that “trash talk” is nothing of the sort. Think Sherm may have taken a physch course or two? He is’nt talking for the sport, he is taking all the guys on Offense out of their games! At times I think he does it before the kick off! But when the last shot is fired he goes over and shows respect to the other team… Sadly Williams walked right into a cleverly orchestrated mind trap, think a jedi knight. Williams was done as soon as they turned into one another, he (Williams) was going to slap him no matter what, expensive slap! Largest T.V. audience for sports since the Olympics, old Goodell is gonna slap him with a five figure fine for adding to the NFL’s image as a bunch of blood thirsty, law breaking thugs, he (Goodell) may even suspend him for a few games in 2013! Too bad! When is the national media and all these hater fans frrom around the leauge figure out that they play right into the SEAHAWKS “us against them mentality” and when a group of poised, talented, and driven men buy into an Idea like that, they become what they call in football a (excuse my spelling) JAUGERNAUT, and that my fellow 12TH MEN and WOMEN is awfully tough, if not imposible to stop… GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • Hank

    Say what you want about Sherman. A lot of people can’t stand the guy… but you can’t deny he can play and he’s an entertainer. Isn’t that what football is ..enterntainment?

  • Assault

    Sucker punch from a COWARD. This was assault and little Trentie with his helmet on should be suspended for several games.

  • STFU

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. How is standing on the bench telling fans, who spent money to watch their team, to beat the traffic not trash talk. Sherman is a douchebag. He walked up to Trent and baited him when he was clearly outmatched. Don’t talk shit unless you can back it up and Trent backed it up. Also, you say that the Seahawks have an “us against them” mentality. Yeah right, the Seahawks have the most bandwagon fans in the NFL. Any “us against them” mentality is only fabricated in the minds of the players because they are too ignorant to really see the world around them.
    A psych class has nothing to do with manipulation or “mind tricks”
    He only got fined $8000 with no suspension

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