Adrian Peterson Talks To Twitter About The Problems With NFL Contracts


Estranged Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson went on a tirade Thursday on Twitter. Peterson wants to be traded from the Vikings.

Fans lashed out at AP on Twitter for skipping OTA’s, so he responded with his thoughts on the NFL’s contract structure, explaining that his absence was business, not personal. Many assumed he was in his feelings because he allegedly felt the Vikings didn’t support him last season as he faced child abuse charges.

Peterson has three years and approximately $46 million left on his deal, but none of that is guaranteed.

“A (little) crazy how one side has so much power that they can do as they please when it come to the contract!” Peterson tweeted. “But when the other-side (player’s) feels for whatever reason! Family, Change of scenery or simply – what they feels just might work best for them! Those same laws don’t apply!”


While Adrian has some valid points, this fact is pretty hard to ignore; 1. NFL players vote on their CBA. If they have issues with the way its structured, its up to them to make their displeasure known during those negotiations. Not cry foul after the fact.

  • Dick

    Maybe Adrian should cancel his remaining contract with the Vikings and sign three ONE YEAR contracts. That way he’ll get to decide what he wants to do at then end of each contract. Maybe the players will agree with him at the next bargaining agreement. I don’t think so.

  • cynthijlee

    I see it’s Willis.

  • jesicampowell

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  • maryrpaulon

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