Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin Arrested for Second Time in 11 Days

Trevone Boykin was arrested on Thursday for the second time in 11 days, but this arrest is in relation to the first one.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback was initially arrested on March 27 in Dallas under suspicion of public intoxication and marijuana possession after a vehicle in which he was a passenger backed into a bar, injuring four bystanders and a bartender.

Boykin was reportedly on probation at the time of last month’s arrest and has now been booked for a possible probation violation. His probation stemmed from a guilty plea to a 2015 misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

The Seahawks have so far maintained public support for Boykin, although coach Pete Carroll used such hints as “early indications” and “we’ll see what happens” with respect to the situation possibly developing. Now that it has escalated, it’s unclear how, if at all, the franchise’s backing of the 23-year-old will be affected.  Some reports indicate that the Seahawks will look elsewhere.

Boykin was released on $2,500 bond, awaits a May 3 arraignment, and faces up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

h/t ProFootballTalk

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