NFL’s black Monday head count, 7 head coaches and 4 GM’s fired


The Monday following the close to the 2012 NFL season has been a bloody one. Teams wasted no time getting rid of coaches and GM’s. There were a few expected moves and couple of shocking ones. Let’s take a look at the action:

*Lovie Smith, fired by the Chicago Bears after nine seasons (and a 10-6 finish this year)

*Romeo Crennel, fired by the Kansas City Chiefs after two seasons

*Chan Gailey, fired by the Buffalo Bills after two seasons

*Andy Reid, fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after 14 seasons

*Pat Shurmur, fired by the Cleveland Browns after two seasons

*Norv Turner, fired by the San Diego Chargers after seven seasons

*Ken Whisenhunt, fired by the Arizona Cardinals after six seasons

In addition to those moves, the Jets have fired their GM, Mike Tannebaum – sexy rex gets to stay on at least for the time being – The Cardinals also fired their GM, Rod Graves, The Chargers got rid of A.J. Smith and the Jaguars have let GM Gene Smith go.

Agree with the decisions?

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  • Mai

    Yeah, I guess, Andy Reid needs to chill for next season, he needs to deal with the lost of his son. Turner, will be employed before I finish typing this LOL!!!