One on One: Interview with Morris Chestnut


Verizon Wireless sponsored the Black Girls RUN! 5K walk/run in LA over the weekend. Actor Morris Chestnut known for his roles in BestMan Holiday, American Horror Story and Boyz in the Hood to name a few, served as host. I had the opportunity to chat with Morris about the event, his career, his NBA Mount Rushmore, being a sex symbol and why Ricky split up from Tre in the Ally.

JM: What made you decided to get involved with the “Black Girls RUN” event?

MC: African-American women make a large portion of my fanbase. Their health is important to me. Being apart of an event like this helps to get the word out.

JM: You’ve played several characters who are athletes, over the past couple of weeks, the hot sports debate was about who should be on the NBA Mount Rushmore, whose on yours.

MC: I was more into football than basketball. I really started watching basketball in the 90’s. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

JM: wait, three Lakers and LeBron over Jordan?

MC: Wait, take LeBron off and put Jordan on, LeBron is still in progress. He has more to prove.

I wanted to make sure I asked some questions for my readers. I asked Morris some of your questions submitted via Facebook and Twitter.

JM: How does it feel to be a sex symbol.

MC: I didn’t set out for that to happen but you accept it. I appreciate it

JM: Why did Ricky split up from Trey in “Boyz in the Hood,” and why didn’t he zig instead of zag in the alley.

MC: Whoever asked that didn’t come up in the hood. Everybody knows you have to split up. That could’ve gone bad for both of them. My biggest problem is that if they ever do a sequel, I can’t be in it.

JM: You’ve played characters that still resonate with fans 20 plus years later, how does it make you feel.

MC: Just six months ago I had a french man yell Ricky at me on the street. Never imagined I’d still be talking about some of my roles all this time later. That’s incredible.

JM: What advice would you give to upcoming actors?

MC: Study the craft. Reality TV has created celebrity by being outlandish or brash. But that approach is short-sighted. Doing the work is key.

Other cute stuff, Morris watched the Super Bowl with his daughter. As someone who learned about football from going to Rams games with my dad as a kid, I LOVE this. And if you were wondering who his NFL team is, Philadelphia Eagles. And Morris has a few upcoming projects including one that involves an iconic figure.