Terrell Owens acting as own lawyer in divorce from Rachel Snider


Terrell Owens officially filed for divorce from his wife of two weeks, Rachel Snider, on Valentine’s day. Snider reportedly accused Owens of being a gold digger after the former NFL star took out a $2 million loan for a home in Sherman Oaks.

The story gets stranger, Owens beat Snider to the punch in filing, claiming the marriage was actually just three days. In addition to that, Owens wants Snider to pay the legal costs for the divorce. Owens is also acting as his own lawyer, guess he’s spent all he could on legal fees these past few years.

Snider insists the two were married for a full 2 weeks before she decided to leave him — and claims they had a secret 5-year relationship before that.  Days after they split, Snider was hospitalized for an apparent suicide attempt.

This has to be a cry for help right? Did he call Ilyana to fix his life again? This situation is strange… or a reality show plot.