Knicks Raymond Felton arrested for allegedly pointing gun at a woman


Following the Knicks heartbreaking loss on Monday night. Knicks point guard Raymond Felton was questioned by New York police after allegedly pointing a gun at his estranged wife Ariane, who filed for divorce last week. Ariane reportedly turned the gun into police.

Per divorce documents, the couple had four verbal altercations dating back to July 2013. Ariane maintains that during the last altercation, her estranged husband pulled a loaded FNH Five-Seven 28mm handgun on her. Ariane turned the gun into the 20th Precinct on New York’s Upper West Side, with a bullet in the chamber. Reportedly a bullet that pierces police body armor.

Ariane said she asked Raymond to remove the gun from her house and when he refused, that’s when she did it herself. The firearm was unregistered and unlicensed with an illegal 20 shot clip.
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Felton is being held in the in a Manhattan police precinct early Tuesday, according to law enforcement sources.