One-on-One interview: Bobcats Chris Douglas-Roberts


Bobcats guard Chris Douglas-Roberts has had an interesting journey the last few years. Drafted 40th in the second round of the 2008 draft to the New Jersey Nets, CDR found himself out of the league after opting to play overseas during the 2011 lockout shortened season.

Outside looking in, CDR found himself getting camp invites from the Lakers and Mavericks before eventually being cut. His next stop was the Texas Legends – the Mavs D-League team.

But this season CDR has caught on with the Charlotte Bobcats. This season, the Bobcats have the fifth toughest defense in the eastern conference and are in the 7th playoff spot. I caught up with Chris and we discussed transitioning from the D-League back to the NBA, the biggest misconception about Kobe Bryant, Googling people and more:

Jill Munroe: You spent some time in the D League and overseas. Did you learn anything about yourself or your game during that experience?

Chris Douglas-Roberts: Yes. I learned to appreciate the small things. Appreciate life. Since I was a kid I just knew I’d be in the NBA so once I got there I just felt I belonged. Which I still do. But before I didn’t fully understand how much of a blessing it is to play in the NBA. I believe everything happens for a reason. My time away helped me gain appreciation. Taught me how to see the positive in every situation. There is no such thing as bad in my life now. It’s either good or I learn.

JM: What’s the hardest part about being a professional athlete?

CDR: Everything is wonderful about being a professional athlete. But the stereotypes are real. Perception is real. People over exaggerate the groupie aspect of the NBA. There are groupies but it’s not how it’s perceived. That’s difficult for me. Being away from my family and already being judged before you’ve even met a person.


JM: Do you Google people when you first meet them? Do you care if they’ve Googled you?

CDR: Hahahahaahahah hell nah. I’m not googling anybody. I take people as they come.

I don’t care if people google me. People know me and my story. I don’t have anything to hide. I kept everything real solid along the way. I’m proud of that.

JM: If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

CDR: Always be positive. I’ll admit I was negative at times. I would let situations I can’t control beat me up sometimes. I would carry that negativity day in and day out. That was the worst shit I could’ve ever done. One negative thought turns into a negative mindset. Then that turns into your reality. I don’t have any negativity in my life these days. All A+ energy.

JM: Whose been your toughest NBA opponent?

CDR: Well LeBron. Hahahahahah. (He just had 61 on us).

JM: You played with Kobe and mentioned the impact it had on you. What do you think is the biggest misconception about playing with him is?

CDR: Biggest misconception on Bean is he’s an asshole. He’s just competitive and a little selfish. But all the greats are. I love him. We got along fine because I’m also competitive and selfish.
JM: What are your plans for the off season? Is Charlotte somewhere you could envision staying?

CDR: My offseason consist of workouts everyday. I’ll be in Frisco, TX working out with Barlowe basketball. I’ll travel here and there just for leisure.

I don’t know if I’ll be in Charlotte next year or not. I’m very present. I stay in the moment as much as possible. I can only control the moment. So that’s what I focus on. One day at a time.


JM: What are your favorite fashion brands?

CDR: I’m wearing a lot of Gypsy these days. I have a minimal style. I’m not all hype like these dudes. I wear what I like. I’ll wear the same skinny jeans three days in a row. I really don’t care. Chucks, Timbs. Maybe a Philip Lim tee shirt. I like Rick Owens tee shirts they have right stuff.

JM: What music are you listening too?

CDR: I like relaxing tunes. Wiz. I’m about to download this Ross. If I’m out I want to hear my country shit like Future….Rich Homie…I like Meek Mill. He rap for the streets. Where I came from Meek is the guy. He talk to talk for us.

JM: If you weren’t in the NBA, what would your career be?

CDR: I never had a plan B. Plan B’s are harmful to me. You need to pursue your plan A until it happens. Be willing to go through hell for your dream. Don’t have a plan B because it’s subconsciously a crutch in case you fail.


photos via @montecristo_ritchie