Raymond Felton wants divorce dismissed to avoid paying alimony


Ladies, prenups don’t have to leave you out in the cold. They can be created for your advantage as well. Knicks point guard Raymond Felton is asking a New York judge to allow his divorce case to be moved to North Carolina. The goal in the move is to avoid having to pay alimony.

Felton, 29, filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday asking a judge to dismiss his estranged wife Ariane’s divorce case and enforce their prenuptial agreement.

That agreement requires the couple to submit to arbitration in North Carolina, Felton’s home state, to end their 19-month marriage. Ariane Felton would get no alimony under the prenuptial.

I know you’re wondering where in this there’s a silver lining. The prenup also states that arbitration is off, if Felton physically abused or cheated on his wife. Well, we know Ariane turned in a gun to New York police that she claimed Felton waived at her and she also shared with the police that Felton was cheating on her.

If a judge agrees, the prenup is broken and Ariane Felton can battle out a financial settlement in New York. Ariane, a Cornell graduate and student at Fordham Law School, has suggested that Felton, who is in the middle of a three-year, $10 million contract, should pay for her law school tuition.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s prenup allegedly contains the following stipulations:

Kanye will have to pay Kim Kardashian $1million for every year they are married (capped at $10 million), their new $11million mansion will be in Kim’s name and she gets to keep all gifts Kanye has given her. Kim is also the beneficiary of Kanye’s $20million life insurance policy, even in the event that they get a divorce. Money Kim earns from Keeping Up With The Kardashian‘s, the Kardashian clothing line, and appearances, will be considered her separate and sole income. There is no custody clause for Nori in the prenup as of now.  

Felton is getting off light. The two are due back in court April 21st. I’m guessing Ariane probably has proof of Felton’s affairs…