#2014Favs JSJ’s Top 10 Stories of 2014


It’s almost time to break out the bubbly and welcome in 2015. So its the perfect time to take a look back at what was popping over the last 12 months. These are Jocks and Stiletto Jill’s Top 10 Stories for 2014:


10. Who would’ve thought Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s biggest fight last year would be with rapper T.I. The two had a scuffle in Vegas at Fat Burger, because TI thought Floyd was trying to step to his wife, Tiny.


9. When Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant got engaged to Minnesota Lynx guard Monica Wright, it seemed as if the real life version of Quincy and Monica from the 200 hit film, “Love and Basektball. Alas, the couple didn’t make it, and Monica says it was because KD wasn’t ready to give up the “lifestyle.”


8. Where LeBron James would end up in the offseason was speculated about for months. Soon after the Heat lost to the Spurs, LeBron’s wife Savannah dropped an Instagram post about going home, that sent everyone into an internet frenzy.

We all know how that story ended up. Welcome back #23


7. Last October, word started to spread about a unique situation happening with Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams, and his girlfriend, and their girlfriend. Yup, one big happy loving family.



6. You’ve heard the saying, “you’ve got to give the people what they want?” Well in 2014, JSJ received a lot of requests wondering which athletes were rumored to be blessed with big egos. These were the results, I guess you can call it the precursor to the #EggplantFriday hashtag.


5. Before there was Lakers star Nick Young sweeping rapper Iggy Azalea off her feet via Instagram, and Twitter, there was Pistons’ big man Andre Drummond trying to connect with Nickleodeon star Jeanette McCurdy. All seemed well, and it fizzled out pretty quickly…until Jeanette decided to share details of their whirlwind courtship on a podcast.


4. All eyes were on Kobe Bryant’s return this season. The Black Mamba was in striking distance of Michael Jordan’s number three slot on the NBA’s all time scoring list. Kobe sealed the deal against the Minnesota Timberwolves in December, earning his 32,293 career points. Jordan’s advice to him after the moment, “go get Karl”


3.  “Pu$$y is undefeated.” If you doubt that statement, go talk to former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling was forced to give up ownership of the NBA franchise – but his money went up to the tune of $2 billion- after audio recordings leaked of him making racist comments, to his girlfriend, V. Stivano.

Sterling continued to dig a deeper hole by doing interviews, blasting former Lakers’ legend Magic Johnson, and crying over how V. Stivano played him.


2. A domestic dispute between former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, and his then finaceé, Janay in an Atlantic City hotel, became a national story. Footage from the altercation was leaked. The resulting punishment, and handling of the incident sparked a debate on domestic violence, and altered the perception of the NFL.


1. Last February, JSJ broke the story of Pacers Paul George’s new baby on the way with a former stripper named Daniela. Athletes and strippers hooking up isn’t new, but George reportedly offered to pay Daniela $1,000,000 not to keep the baby. Daniela bypassed that option and gave birth to a baby girl named Olivia last May. After months of a nasty court battle over child support, the two have settled and PG proudly showed off his daughter on the gram so you know its real.



This NBA and NFL season saw the return of professional athletes speaking out on social issues. Earlier this season, Derrick Rose was the first player to show support for the family of Eric Garner, a Long Island man who died while being detained by police. Rose wore a t-shirt with the Garner’s last words on the front, “I Can’t Breathe.” Later the shirts were worn by several NBA teams, and athletes including; LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Reggie Bush.