Toronto Raptors partnering with Drake to up their sexy

photo via @Champagnepapi
photo via @Champagnepapi

photo via @Champagnepapi

NBA players love Drake, that was apparent when Drake dropped his latest album last week, “Nothing Was The Same.” Now an NBA franchise plans to take advantage of that love and insight to fuel their rebranding efforts. The Toronto Raptors are teaming with the rapper who will act as host, consultant and business partner with the franchise.

The nuptials will start Monday with an announcement that Drake is partnering with the Raptors as they accept the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

According to sources at MLSE, everything about the team is on the table . . . aside from the name.

Drake was featured on a slate of ESPN shows last week and mentioned how much love he has for the franchise and his desire to bring them back. This connection has shades of Jay Z’s partnership with the Brooklyn Nets during their makeover. Team execs take care of the talent and Drake gives the team a cool factor that’s been missing since Vince “Air Canada” was in the building.


Just think how hot All-Star 2016 will be with the city and Octobers own handling the reigns. Epic parties.