Joe Odom says Lamar has stopped paying his rent


The Lamar Odom saga continues to take interesting twist and turns. After a blow up last week, that included an interview with LO’s dad Joe stating that the Kardashians were the cause of his son’s downfall, Joe later retracted that statement after Lamar allegedly tweeted a scathing rebuttal to his dad’s claims. There were questions as to if Lamar was really the person tweeting the response.

Well, Joe recently told TMZ that Lamar is now refusing to pay Joe’s $2900 monthly rent in Marina del Rey, Ca. because of his interview, and now Joe will have to find some place else to live.

Sounds like that WAS Lamar tweeting that message and he’s unhappy that his dad took it upon himself to attempt to defend LO and trash his in-laws, deflecting blame. Confusing. Lamar’s 15-year old daughter Destiny recently lashed out at her grandfather on her page saying he’s not her family.


‘If my dad wasn’t well known Joe wouldn’t give a s**t about us.

‘I can count the number of times I’ve met Joe on my hands.’ And when told ‘gotta love your grandpa’, Destiny replied: ‘He ain’t my grandpa, I dunno that fool,’

What we can say for certain is that by Tuesday all NBA training camps will be underway and LO isn’t on any roster.