Steve Nash Producing Film About 80’s Ecstasy Scene


Steve Nash is retired from the NBA, but his journey as a film maker is moving into high gear. Variety has announced Nash will produce a documentary about the 80’s Ecstasy scene in Dallas.


Legal ecstasy in the 1980s Dallas scene fueled a social phenomenon in places such as gay discotheques, yuppy house gatherings and Southern Methodist University fraternity parties. The movement vanished after ecstasy became illegal in 1985.

“Having played in Dallas for six years, I was drawn to this project for its relationship with the city,” said Nash.

Nash launched his film production company, Meathawk Productions, in 2008 with his cousin. That same year Nash wrote and produced an 81-second commercial for Nike titled Training Day. In 2010 he co-directed  Into the Wind, as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. The documentary told the story of iconic Canadian athlete and activist Terry Fox.