Spike Lee’s TNT “Clash of the Borroughs” intro [video]

The Clash of the boroughs lived up to its hype. Even the intro featured a “good vs. bad” paradox going on with Brooklyn resident and long-time Knicks super fan, Spike Lee facing off against himself.


With the Knicks going down to the Nets after their hot start, Jay Z proclaimed the city to be under knew management.


Even Charles Barkley has climbed aboard the Nets love-fest proclaiming them BEFORE the overtime victory as New York’s better team.

“…I told you the only two concerns I’ve got with the Knicks are defense and rebounding. If you see, even when they were winning, they weren’t rebounding. … Every game they won during that stretch, they got out rebounded. I said, ‘I don’t think they are going to keep their same defensive intensity for the simple fact that those guys have never played defense other than Tyson Chandler.’”

“The Nets are better at every position and they’ve got a much better bench. I mean, take away Carmelo Anthony. Deron Williams is a better point guard. Joe Johnson is a better No. 2. Gerald Wallace is a better No. 3. Kris Humphries is a better No. 4. I like Brook Lopez’s game…Then when you go to the bench, I like Andray Blatche. I like Reggie Evans. I like Marshon Brooks. I do. I just like everything better about the Nets, just as a team, and it’s going to take them a little while to put it all together, but at the end of the day the Nets are going to have a much better team than the Knicks.”


Some valid points, is it likely the whole team bought into defense over the summer?



photo via Instagram