Corey Brewer, Larry Sanders & Jared Dudley star in “Movie 43” with Halle Berry, Terrance Howard & more [video]

Ready to see three of your favorite NBA  jocks on the silver screen? Corey Brewer of the Denver Nuggets, Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks and Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns are featured in The Farley Brothers new comedy, “Movie 43.” Naturally they’re playing basketball players but the twist with this film, it also stars top-tier Hollywood talent like,  Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and Terrence Howard in 12 segments directed by different directors that feature story lines that push the limits on good taste and inappropriateness.

Some of the themes include bullying home schooled kids, leprechauns and wizard sex…

Right… For the segment featuring Corey, Larry and Jared, they’re featured as players on a 70’s basketball team coached by Terrance Howard. Howard motivates the team by reminding them they’re black and their opponent is white and that’s all they need to win. Check out the trailer. Clearly from the themes mentioned, this is a NSFW video.


God made you black with a foot and a half d**k. Go out and dribble with that mutha***ka – Terrance Howard, Movie 43

One this is certain, Corey Brewer’s hairline probably hasn’t looked that tight since the 70’s…



What?? It’s jokes, Corey wasn’t even alive in the 70’s.