Some NBA Owners Want “Multiple Rights” Clauses Added To NBA New CBA

The NBA owners are really trying to hit the players from every angle. Some of the owners are thinking about imploring an approach that’s a popular contract structure in the music industry.

The “360” or “multiple rights” deal.

In a 360 deal, the label receives a percentage of the earnings from ALL of an act’s money generating activities instead of just record sales. Things like concert revenue, merchandise sales and endorsement deals. The NBA’s purposed version of this:’s David Aldridge said there are owners who frequently speak of “being tired of making these guys rich” and are even contemplating asking for more, such as including income the players receive from their commercial endorsements and sponsorship money into the BRI pot — the theory being the players wouldn’t become famous and able to make such deals if not for the NBA infrastructure that puts them on television and other media.

That means all those Nike, Under Armour and luxury watch deals would be fair game for the owners under BRI (basketball related income). Iteresting, once again the owners want to be saved from a monster they helped create. This would be the NFL’s model on steroids. I can’t see that happening though.

Another note about the label/artist 360 deals. In exchange for getting a bigger piece of the pie, the labels say they will commit to promoting the artist for a longer period of time and will actively try and develop new opportunities for them (that explains all those cross promotions). I wonder if the league will pick up on that aspect of it.