Deion Sanders & Snoop Dogg Collaborate On New Rap Single “Fame” [Video]

Deion Sanders released “Must be the money” back in the 90’s so it’s only fitting that he would cap off his induction into the Hall of fame with a song featuring Snoop Dogg titled “Fame.”

The pair reportedly performed the song following Sanders’ induction on Saturday night in Canton, Ohio. Snoop Dogg reportedly flew in from overseas to support his friend’s induction and perform with Nelly and Sanders. Decked in a replica gold blazer, Snoop Dogg and Sanders also closed out the show with a rendition of Prime Time’s own 1994 hit “Must Be The Money.”

I don’t know if his rapping is any better than it was in the 90’s but, I’m sure they had the after party rocking!!

Bonus, check out the Must be the money video. Just because it’s a classic!

This will NEVER not be funny!