Basketball Wives Season 3 Finale Recap

Jennifer's Divorce Party Cake

Basketball Wives season 3 finale aired Monday night. I guess if you had to give this episode a theme, it would be “relationships.” Three were highlighted. Jenn and Royce, Chad and Evelyn and Eric and Jenn.

Royce and Jenn, that’s a lost cause. I’m over it, next.

Chad and Evelyn had a minor issue because Evelyn spotted Chad eating with female. It’s an age old relationship debate, handling friends of the opposite sex. I completely see both sides of the issue but I’m a firm believer in giving a person enough space to hang themselves. IF to this point Chad hasn’t done anything to make Evelyn suspicious, I see nothing wrong with it. However, if there’s some previous precedent that’s been set…



It’s a real issue and of course she knows the game, what woman doesn’t. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that was the case this time. We’ll see how that plays out.

Jennifer and Eric… This situation is pretty sad. It’s a classic example of how reality TV can destroy an already fragile situation. Let’s start with the divorce party. Overlooking the fact that they still aren’t divorced, it would seem that if you’re going to have a party like this, you’d place more emphasis on yourself and not on your ex. :shrug: Maybe it was played up for TV but that party didn’t scream independence to me. The cake with his head cut off (although adding the knot was a nice touch. :giggle:), a PINATA made to look like Eric and your potential new boo helping you crack it…

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 That’s a lot.

She looked great, I’ll give her that. I guess the “extraness” stemmed from the fact that the divorce party was AFTER her meeting with Eric. I’d have a little pent up frustration too after having my eyeballs singed by a martini.

Eric and Jenn’s meeting. It started off nice but quickly went downhill. Was Jenn wrong for throwing the glass at him? Absolutely, but him throwing that drink in my opinion made him look far worst than the people saying Jennifer deserved it. I have been on Eric’s side for much of this process but these latest events are just sad.


Looks like two-part reunion will be another must watch!