Raiders CEO Amy Trask resigns


The most powerful woman in the NFL is stepping aside. After 25 years, Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask has announced her resignation. Trask made history in 1997 becoming the first woman CEO in the NFL. In a statement sent to media on Saturday, Trask stated that she agreed to stay on during the transition period after Raiders owner Al Davis’ death in 2011.

“Having honored a commitment that I made to effectuate a smooth transition and transfer of control, I no longer wish to remain with the organization,” Trask said

“For over a quarter of a century, it was my honor and my privilege to work for the Raiders. I will forever appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Al Davis.”

Trask joined the Los Angeles Raiders’ legal department in 1987. I had the honor of meeting Ms. trask last summer at a football 101 event put on by the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment commission. Trask shared a story about when she attended her first owners meeting with Al Davis. She as obviously the only woman in the room. She said that one of the owners thought she was a secretary and asked her to get him coffee, which she did. Once the meeting got started and Al Davis introduced her, she said the look on this man’s face was priceless. That story was inspiring to me personally because even when you’re in the room and have every right to be there, a man will still see you as just a woman. Thrive anyway.

No word on if there are plans to continue her career with another a franchise.