Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s ex Josie Harris post photo of them boo’d up in bed [photo]


I’m not quite sure what Floyd Mayweather jr.’s ex, Josie Harris is trying to do with this. Late Sunday night – which was Mother’s Day – Josie posted a photo on Instagram of she and Floyd curled up in bed together. Floyd was sleeping…

I wonder if this bothers Floyd’s fiancé, Shantel Jackson? Floyd did say you can have as many woman as you can afford…Ms. Jackson was also showing off a Floyd-light IG post, her closet. It actually looks like a his & hers but, maybe that’s the point, letting the other’s know, no matter what, he comes home to me. So which role would you take? Main or baby mama side piece? Yeah, when it breaks down, those are the options. Wasn’t Josie just being interviewed a week before Floyd’s fight about the night he attacked her?