Nike Re-Signs Eagles QB Michael Vick

Nike has welcomed Eagles QB Michael Vick back into the family. Originally signed to the brand in 2001 (his rookie year), Vick was dumped in ’07 after he admitted his involvement in a dog fighting ring.

Vick’s comeback story has been nothing short of amazing. His return to the field this year was electric, his biography is hitting shelves (well maybe not shelves, actual book stores don’t really exist anymore but, you get the idea) July 27th and a documentary is in the works for a Thanksgiving release.

Naturally, the endorsement deals are starting to roll back in. Nike has been providing Vick with product but now he’ll also receive compensation for wearing the brand. Terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed. Nike will take over the NFL contract from Reebok in 2012, so this is perfect for all parties!

I wonder if they’ll attempt to develop another shoe for him. The “Michael Vick experience” commercials were some of my favs.

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