Laura Govan On Why She Joined The Basketball Wives: L.A. Cast

photo via Jonavennci Divad

By now you’ve heard the news that Laura Govan has joined the cast of Basketball Wives: L.A. The move was interesting for some as she previously stated she didn’t want to be defined by her relationship.

Well things change, she’s a single mother of 4 now (she recently gave birth to a son, photo below) and and she recently explained why she decided to join the cast with her sister:

“I just wanted to showcase a new chapter in my life, a fresh start, a fresh outlook on life as a single mom. I just showcase who I am,” she said. “My needs, my wants, my frustrations.” 

The show debuts August 29th on VH1. Gilbert Arenas (The Basketball significant other to Laura if you’re new to this topic) has filed a suit in a Los Angeles court to block Laura’s appearance but she’s not too concerned about that “Whatever happens happens.”

Between the Shaq rumors, Gilbert’s interesting approach to their relationship and the normal hijinks of the ladies, I CAN’T WAIT!! Basketball Wives is my guilty pleasure, sorry if it’s not yours too! :giggle: