Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov says he’ll challenge Mark Cuban to a kickboxing throwdown if he tries to sign Deron Williams

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov isn’t prepared to let Deron WIlliams go without a fight… literally. Speaking to media in front of the Barclays construction site, the Nets owner said that he’d crush Mark Cuban in a “kickboxing throw down” if he wins the services of Deron Williams in free agency this summer.

He was joking of course. But he did say that he had a conversation with Deron about his future goals:

 “We have I think we have a very good discussion,” Prokhorov said. “He really wants to win. And I want to win maybe even more. Really I don’t want to go into details. But really I think at this stage, we are on the same page.”

 “I think he wants to win and he wants to be part of a great franchise,” Prokhorov said. “We have the same view on this. And I can’t comment more. It’s better to ask him what was our conversation. I mean what I already mentioned.”

I honestly can’t imagine Deron Williams staying with the Nets, but the extra $30 million might be quite an incentive. I also wouldn’t discount the kickboxing threat, Prokhorov seems like the type not to accept no for an answer… KIDDING.. kind of.