Phil Jackson suggests a zen approach to Andrew Bynum

There’s a reason why we never quite saw this side of Andrew Bynum during the Phil Jackson era of the Lakers. It’s because Phil’s “zen” approach handles players and their egos a different way. Jackson was contacted recently to give his insight on the Bynum situation and had this to say.

“Bynum is not quite mature, but everyone should relax and watch him grow up,” Jackson said via email. “This year has been a big step for him offensively…nice to see…and when he takes up the mantle as defensive captain the Lakers can get back in the hunt.”

One of the biggest issues I had with the Mike Brown hiring was that I knew he wouldn’t be able to contain the Laker locker room. The job requires a certain presence. The ability to manage bigger than life personas within the glare of Hollywood. I recognize that he had LeBron for many years but that was a different situation than LA.

For the Lakers to be a serious title contender, Andrew has to be locked in.