NBPA executive director Billy Hunter wants Derek Fisher to resign

The power struggle between The NBA Players’ Association president, Derek Fisher and it’s Executive Director, Billy Hunter continues as the season winds down. The executive committee at the urging of Hunter is seeking the resignation of Fisher.

Fisher has flatly refused to step down and has been working to gather a coalition of players to challenge Hunter’s business and financial practices, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Fisher has told peers he will not resign, but rather fight Hunter for further transparency regarding the NBPA.

Hunter had the audit canceled and sent a memo to players stating that the comittee, which includes, Clippers guard Chris Paul and Wizards guards Maurice Evans and Roger Mason, recognized that there wasn’t a need for it as there had been a recent independent audit of the NBPA’s finances where no issues were noted.

Fisher has 3 years left in his term as union President. Signs of discord popped up during the waning weeks of the NBA lockout where several players and their agents felt Hunter was making too many concessions for David Stern and the owners.

Here’s a link to the players association’s statement: