Suns Robin Lopez ejected for foul on Blake Griffin [video]

Blake Griffin decimates souls with some of his dunks. Guys are sick of being posterized by the Clippers all-star. So what happens? Hard fouls come flying his way.

During the Suns game on Thursday, Robin Lopez was ejected after a flagrant two foul on Griffin.


Blake Griffin suffered a strained neck on the play and said this in post-game.

You can push all the way up to that line. The line is pretty fine,’ Griffin said. ‘Once it gets crossed, it becomes real dangerous, I guess. But that’s the way it’s been going.’

During the third quarter, Blake received a hard foul from Jared Dudley. The two were in each other’s face with Dudley repeatedly asking, “what’s up?”



When Baron Davis was still with the Clippers, he’d act as protector of Blake when guys would man handle the all-star. Currently there’s no one filling that role- you’d think it’d be Kenyon Martin would take that challenge.