NBA Players Association Will Hold “Players Choice” Awards In July


The NBA Players’ Association has announced it will hold its own awards this July in Las Vegas.

We’ve heard all the complaints from athletes as to how the media and fans often get the end of the year awards wrong. Now NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts has announced the creation of the “2015 Players Choice” awards.

NBA players will vote for their own MVP, and “Man of the Year” awards which will be announced during the offseason, at summer meetings. In a memo obtained by USA Today, Roberts said this is something NBA players have asked for.

“This program was created at your request to recognize outstanding performance of your peers, on and off the court,” Roberts wrote. “No one knows better than you what it takes to shine.”

It’s also a great way to get the athletes to attend those summer meetings. Michele is absolutely showing the athletes that she has their back and will be their voice.  That’s important as we head towards a potential work stoppage in 2017.

Sidenote, July is generally a great month to hit Vegas for NBA fans or groupies. Summer league and, in the appropriate year, USA basketball all take place in Vegas during that time.