NBA Owners & Union To Meet Wednesday Afternoon, Do or Die… Again

Today is said to be do or die for the NBA season. A meeting is scheduled at 1:00 between the union and the owners. The owners have said the last agreement terms they issued were take it or leave it. Yesterday, the palyers indicated that they’ll be leaving it.

The players would like a few more tweaks to the system side and are willing to meet the owners at a 50/50 split of revenues. Which remember in reality isn’t 50/50 because the owners take $600 million plus off the top. But that’s not a popular topic or really a factor at this point. Now it’s the owners turn to show they really care about the fans and have been negotiating in earnest.

Yesterday following a player rep meeting, former President Bill Clinton happened to be in the same hotel promoting his new book, Back to work. Clinton has known Union President Derek Fisher for 20 years, greeted Fish with an embrace and said, ‘Now you know what I felt like all those years’

Le sigh. Let’s hope Dan Gilbert, Robert Sarver and Jordan are looking at the bigger picture.


source Photo via Ball Don’t Lie