Oakland Raiders “Black Hole” Fans Hire PR Firm To Change Their Image

Oakland Raiders fans are a special breed. The most infamous Raiders fans are the ones known to occupy the south end zone of the Oakland Coliseum and are affectionately known as “The Black Hole.”

Concerned about the negative reputation Raiders fans have, these fans have not only started a website, The Blackhole Fans they have also hired the services of a PR agency to rehab their image. The goal? To let people know that while they take Raider football SERIOUSLY, they have a softer, gentler side.

Here are some of the charties The Black Hole Fans have supported over the past few months

  • Gathered toys, food and clothing for the Mother Wright Foundation
  • Supported golf tournaments with the Biletnikoff Foundation
  • Supported a Mac Perez Jr. car show to benefit the Northern California Liver Foundation
  • Conducted a fundraiser for slain restaurateur Jesus “Chuy” Campos
  • Supported a group in Fresno to raise money for the National Guard
  • Supported a charity fundraiser for www.kidzhelpingkids.org
  • The Black Hole’s Gorilla Rilla puts on games with prizes for kids and families on Thanksgiving Day
  • Gorilla Rilla’s third annual Kids Tailgate on game day
  • Gorilla Rilla rings a bell to start the Kettle Kitchen for the Salvation Army
  • Supported Toys for Tots at Southland mall in Hayward

Not sure if I ever heard of a fan contingent needing an image overall but we are currently living in a time where Andy Warhol’s vision of everyone getting their 15 minuted of fame is in overdrive.