Miami Heat Owner Micky Arinson, “You’re Barking At The Wrong Owner”

While Davis Stern is busy blaming the players as to why a deal isn’t getting done, one of the owners has a different story.

I’ve been saying for awhile now that one of the biggest issues with the NBA right now has nothing to do with it’s players. The newer smaller market owners are adding a layer to this fight that is being taken out on the players. Check out this tweet from Miami Heat owner Micky Arison in response to a fan calling the owners greedy.

Interesting, no? The reason why I used Adrian Wojnarwski’s version of the tweet is because by the time I went to grab it, the tweet had already been deleted. I wonder what type of fine Stern will issue to Arison. Especially considering the tweet came AFTER Stern’s press conference on Friday.

That tweet wasn’t the only one that was caused a stir. Someone asked Arison what he thought of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, he simply responded with “Lol” HILARITY

I don’t know exactly what his “lol” meant but I can think of more than a few that have me cracking up.