David Stern Cancels NBA Games Through November 30th

Friday’s NBA labor negotiations ended with the sides falling apart. They made progress on several system issues but the BRI (yet again) was the topic that ultimately shut the meeting down. Stern canceled another 2 weeks of games through the end of November and also said that Hunter just got up and left the meeting after speaking with a few agents when the 50-50 deal was proposed again.  Therefore attempting to make it the players fault that the lockout is still on. Again stressing how may concessions the owners have made.

The interesting thing is that Stern has said “the owners’ next offer will reflect the extraordinary losses that are starting to pile up now” due to the canceled games that they’ll never get back.” However, the owners claim that they’ve incurred massive losses in recent seasons by having an 82-game schedule because they pay the players so much. That’s that new NBA math right?

If anything this illustrates that there is so much more going on behind the Wizard’s curtain. My gut has always said the season would start in December or January and so far, we seem to be on that course.