Kobe Bryant Wants Owners And Union To Talk Before Wednesday

Kobe Bryant is speaking out in a last ditch effort to try to save the season. The Black mamba recently gave a statement hoping that the union and owners could meet again before Stern’s Wednesday imposed deadline.

“We need for the two sides to get together again before Wednesday, because we’re too close to getting a deal done. We need to iron out the last system items and save this from spiraling into a nuclear winter.”

Seems like common sense to me but, with small market owners driving the bus and a seemingly willingness on their part to bypass the season, my stomach is in knots about the outcome.

I guess we’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, Kobe covers the latest issue of GQ Italia. Maybe looking at that and listening to him speak some Italian will make me feel better.


Nope, just makes me think about the fact that Kobe has been resting since May and had a cutting edge treatment on his knee. Which means that he was going to be AWESOME and motivated this season. Which FURTHER means bad news for the league… IF we ever get this situation sorted

Oh in case you needed a translation; he said the Lakers will win another title and Jill is his favorite Laker fan. ::giggle:: Just kidding

But whatever he said, he sounds mad sexy saying it. :shrug: