Basketball Wives LA Episode 11 Recap- Jackie is NUTS [Video]

I know, I’ve sort of been slipping up on my recaps. I promise to not let you down for the remaining episodes- do we know how many more there are because SHEESH- and the reunion show.

In this episode, wacky Jackie gets HER turn on “the summer jam” screen, as the ladies have finally pieced together the clues to figure out that Mrs. Christie has been manipulating them all.

After a horseback ride- where Draya tells Jackie the horse she’s riding is probably acting up because it’s picking up on her evil spirit -I giggled at that- the ladies confront Jackie about her messy ways.


Really Jackie, you’re just going to try to throw Malaysia under the bus like that? Deflecting the subject and then try and silence her with all that hostile language and profanity?!?

On some real stuff, I do believe they have all had “conversations” about each other. It happens. People need to vent but…

JACKIE IS NUTS!! I want to believe that producers told her,”Be the messy one, it offers more camera time and will make the show better.”

But then, I think back to when her husband Doug played in Toronto and Sacramento.  She was “Kookie” then so… yeah I have no real excuse to offer on her behalf.


Ok so wait, after  ALLLL of that. Where Jackie was telling Malaysia to bring the beef like she’s a butcher. Cursing at Laura etc. she want to go shopping like everything is fine?? Not only do you want to shop Jackie, but you want to continue the side conversations to try to rally up some support??

THAT IS CRAZY. I would’ve assumed she would’ve wanted to go hang out with Doug after that. But no, she didn’t want to miss camera time or being with the “group”, “circle”, whatever they refer to themselves as.

When she finally does meet up with Doug for dinner, her CRAZY is on FULL display. Did you hear her speech?? “I’m the first lady of the fu***** league, period. “I’ve been here, done that s*** for sixteen, seventeen years, you little punks is new to this and I’m true to this. You all wanna be Jackie Christie”

::Blank Stare::

Is she a rapper now? If you’ve ever seen the Kevin Hart special, “Seriously Funny” there is a scene where he talks about how “Thugs” give you a speech before they fight, that’s Jackie…



And as far as her being the “First lady of the NBA”, does she mean the First Crazy? I guess Juanita Jordan and Cookie Johnson don’t count huh? Look, I’d rather have Vanessa Bryant making those claims than “Kookie” Christie

God bless Doug, he has got to be a special kind of man to stay caught with all that for sixteen years. Well that or he’s scared to leave… “You ever go night, night Doug?”

Finally, they booted Jackie off the island Survivor style



So I’ll let you in on an open secret, the name of the alleged person that Gloria supposedly had sex with is rapper, The Game. But you have to wonder if it were true, would she have really confided in JACKIE? But if you notice, when Malayisa was going through the list things Jackie said to this “wife”, Jackie said “true” following Malaysia revealing Jackie said Gloria slept with “person A”


Whatever, I guess we’ll see what happens at the all black dinner on Episode 12.

Side note, did you catch it when Draya said Jackie is like a mama dinosaur who planted eggs in all their brains and will return for her babies?? COMEDIC GOLD!! Draya is funny